A Better Website

A Better Website

Fix My SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This package is perfect for you if you think your website is pretty good, but you’re not getting the traffic you think you should be. You want your site to come up on the first (or even the second) page of a Google search for your keywords. You don’t really understand “this SEO stuff” and it sounds complicated, but you’ve heard you need it. Also, you think your site is loading kind of slow and you’re not sure why.

We’ll meet for an initial 30 minute session to discuss your site and brainstorm some good keywords and phrases that someone might type in a search to find you. Then I will do things like, update all out-dated information, strategically insert your keywords into the text of your site, optimize images so they load quickly, add links where appropriate, and include “alt tags” in links and images for search engine recognition. I’ll also add website analytics for tracking purposes if you don’t have it already. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to understand all of this for it to be effective, ’cause like I said, I’ll do it for you.)

Get your SEO on, for $150! 

Fix My Homepage

This package is perfect for you if you mostly like your site, but you think your homepage could use a little refresher to look more modern. You could mess with it yourself, but you’re a little afraid that you might accidentally ruin the whole site, and that would be bad. You’re just kind of tired of the same old look, and come to think of it, your home page looks remarkable similar to a couple other sites you’ve seen lately. Everyone must be using the same template, and you’re ready to stand out from the crowd.

We’ll meet for an initial 30-minute session to discuss what you like and don’t like about your homepage. I’ll spruce it up to appeal to your core audience and differentiate yourself from your competition. I can add custom graphics and put your products and services front and center so they are easy to understand and buy. The homepage updates can also trickle throughout the rest of the site, resulting in a whole new feel to the site, without getting a whole new site.

Get a fresh and engaging new homepage for $300.

Just Start Me Over From Scratch

This package is for you if you want a beautiful, high-end website with multiple pages and fancy features to replace your current crappy site. You need to make a great impression online, and you know that a better website is the way to do it. You want better integration with your social media accounts, you want to add video, you want more attention paid to search engine optimization (SEO), and so much more. You are ready to aim for the stars with this website redesign, and you’re excited to see it become a reality.

We’ll meet for an initial 60-minute session to answer a comprehensive list of questions about your visions for the revised look and feel of the site, who your audience is, and what else you need the site to accomplish. I’ll touch base with you often as I redesign the site, and make adjustments to the overall vision as needed. When the site is done, I’ll give you a complimentary 2-month update package (which includes 2 additional 20-minute calls over the next two months) to ensure your new site continues to stay current and meet the most recent web quality standards.

Get the updated website of your dreams starting from $900!