About Ev

My name is Evelyn Helminen, and I’m a writer. I help other writers get words on the page. I also do a lot of other things.

I grew up in Michigan, but not anywhere in the “mitten.” Did you know there’s another whole part of Michigan? I was valedictorian in high school, and while I don’t rest on those laurels, it does make me feel good to remember that from time to time. I love reading blogs, doing 30-day challenges, and working on my personal development. I have significant experience in writing, blogging, graphic design, website design, and online marketing.

I’ll be honest, it’s a little hard for me to write about myself. Maybe you’ve felt the same. But that’s no reason not to write anything.

But if you are reading this to avoid writing, then why don’t you

learn about my writing background!

In third grade, I had an assignment to make up a 2-page story about how the elementary school got its name. I picked up my #2 pencil and started writing. I couldn’t stop writing; I turned in a 33-page story and got an A++++ on the assignment!

In fifth grade, we had to read the book, “Hatchet,” by Gary Paulsen. Afterwards, we read a Q&A with the author. One question was, “How do you get to be an author.” His answer was, “Read. Read everything you can. Read all the time.” I took his message to heart. I didn’t know if I really wanted to be an author someday, but I loved to read, and thought that I would continue to read a ton, just in case I grew up and wanted to be an author.

Fast-forward to today. I’ve written 9 novels through “National Novel Writing Month” (NaNoWriMo), joined a professional writing group, am currently editing my science fiction novel, and I continue to attend conferences and workshops to hone my writing skills.

I want to help you succeed at your writing goals, too!

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Now for a few personal details.

I always introduce myself as Evelyn, but informally, I call myself Ev. (It would be weird for you to call me that, though, unless you know me really well.)

It’s hard to be different.

I tried.

Evelyn Differentiate Yourself
[years ago…] There really are 15 full-on siblings in this picture. I’m on the far left.
  • I went to college (same one as two of my siblings)
  • I worked at a charter fishing company in Alaska (so did four of my siblings)
  • I’m writing a book (my dad already wrote and published one)
  • I studied abroad (so did my older sister)
  • I learned another language (so did one of my younger sisters)
  • I played the guitar (so did like half of my family, including my mom and dad)
  • I played volleyball (so did my sisters)
  • I played basketball (so did my sister)
  • I ran cross country (so did two of my brothers)
  • I leaned to paint (alas, the artistic gene runs in my entire family!)

It’s been a mission of mine for my entire life to differentiate myself from my smart and talented family members. I had to join the Peace Corps, move to California, pierce my ears, learn to play the mandolin, and start my own business in order to separate myself from the crowd.

Wait—being an entrepreneur also runs in the family!

  • My mom owns a print shop and is a graphic designer. My dad owns a boat and is a charter fishing captain on Lake Superior.
  • My older sister is a graphic designer for print and web. She caters to the working man.
  • My other three sisters are working on building up their entrepreneurial businesses (although my youngest sister was already making money as an 8-year-old, running a make-shift roadside shop at the end of a one mile dead-end road).
  • One of my brothers owns a carpentry business in Alaska.
  • The other nine brothers are a combination of entrepreneurial house owners, managers, hard workers, and middle and high schoolers.

It’s hard to be different, but I’ve tried.

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