Bestseller Summit Live 2017 Overview

Bestseller Summit Live 2017 Overview


I have been writing for years, and am increasingly interested in learning about different publishing options and book marketing strategies. I first heard of Jesse Krieger at Message to Money Live in February 2017. He was a guest on Marisa’s stage, and I was impressed by his story of how he has built up his publishing company to the level of success it now enjoys.

I bought his book, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, and signed up for his newsletter, because I was intrigued. How could I be like him? What was the secret to his success? When he announced his Bestseller Summit Online, I was excited to attend. Unfortunately, I missed some of the interviews when they were available to watch for free, but I purchased the set, which now allows me to view them online anytime at my leisure. (I love my leisure.)

Along with the Online interviews, I was also given a ticket to the Bestseller Summit Live, which I happily accepted.

About the Conference

Bestseller Summit Live took place in Los Angeles on October 27-29, 2017. It was billed as:

“The premiere author experience of 2017 where you learn how to complete and launch a book you can be proud of for years to come, become a best-seller and build a business you love with a growing audience of readers, customers and raving fans.”

My Expectations

I was excited to go. I’d been working on my science fiction novel for about 2 years at that point, and was to the point in the editing process where I wanted to learn more about “next steps” after my manuscript was done. I was also planning to write a memoir during National Novel Writing Month in November, and thought I could learn a few things to get my book started on the right foot. Finally, I knew that I wanted to write some type of book to help me market myself or my business in years to come, as Jesse had done with Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

As always, I went in with a bit of skepticism as well, but also a willingness to learn and in hopes of finding the magic bullet to my own future publishing success.

As I finish my reflections on the conference I will be posting more. Check back soon!